Den Of Impropriety…

That is the term my friend Butch used to describe “Club Skittles” which was shut down for good this afternoon by the Augusta Commission. In case you have not heard of this club before, then before you read on, listen here: Club Skittles

Shame should be on the Commissioners that stood up for the owners of this club. And the gay folks out there that complained that this club was targeted because it catered to gays? Think again; every club, restaurant, lounge, grocery and liquor store and any other establishment that sells alcohol is targeted for compliance of the law. Everyone has to follow the law, right? Isn’t that the core principle of gay marriage being accepted in all 50 states? The law is what it is, no matter the particular case and no matter if it is the application of the US Constitution or a state law against lewd acts upon children or a simple local ordinance that says you will operate in the manner you applied to operate and nothing more. The decision to shut Club Skittles down was legally solid and totally warranted. If Mr. Batson, the club’s attorney wants a debate then he has plenty of avenues to bring on the debate.

My gay friends need to understand that full equality for gay people will never be realized when a subculture of hedonism is what the general public sees when any media story emerges about the gay “lifestyle.” Routinely, images of gay pride parades with racy participants dominate the news along with stories of “clubs” such as Skittles where nothing is off limits including the possibility that a minor was allowed in the club and went on stage with a nude stripper. It was just days after the club opened it’s doors after getting off of legal suspension of their license that another minor was found inside the building not having the work permit required. If that scenario happened in a so-called “straight” club, the arrests and prosecution of individuals would have, and should have, been swift and harsh.

The gay segment of this community should be applauding the commissioners that voted to revoke the alcohol license of a business that apparently operated as a den of impropriety. If I were a gay person, then I would..uh….do what I just said I would do.

One response to “Den Of Impropriety…

  1. Shirley Barnes

    If a minor who may be an adult but not allowed in a bar until they are 21…goes in without being id’d and drinks alcohol..most would not even know they were under age…the problem here is nudity and not just nudity but the kind that even most so called adults would shudder at witnessing…similar to but a lot more explicit such as the men strip dancing groups that travel the country…how do I know this….curious minds want to know things that they wish they did not find out about and are found in exotic dance bars all over this state and country…private clubs still should have ID check on everyone coming in…and most gay clubs are membership only where there are live shows…similar to any other club or organization where you want to be able to trust all members…………they know they do things that are immoral…based on Christian standards,but if you base it on what adults want….it’s right on for those who are members.If someone wants to shut you down….all they have to do is set you up and take you down and that can be done to anyone that wants to exercise their civil rights such as exposing someone that is unethical or immoral or down right criminal.