Interview With Silda Dean

Here is the full uncut interview of Silda Dean conducted by Mary Liz Nolan. It is in three parts:
Silda Dean One

Silda Dean Two

Silda Dean Three

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4 responses to “Interview With Silda Dean

  1. Mary Liz did a terrific job of bringing out information that no one has ever heard before. It’s obvious that Mary Liz was after the truth not what people wanted to hear. It’s also obvious that Mary Liz was not pushing a political agenda or her own agenda. If those people in the beginning had been more interested in the truth rather than their own agenda, Dean would have never been arrested much less gone to prison over it. I would like to see all those responsible for the misinformation & withholding information go to jail! A very big piece of information that I picked up from the interview was the fact that Silda was likely drugged prior to & during the trial. That really makes the testimony unreliable & should be thrown out. I want to know who drugged her & why.

  2. Shirley Barnes

    I agree Mary Leach…very few people had that kind of closeness to Silda during that period of time….the only way she is going to say who…is to give her complete assurance of her safety and her siblings….I could probably say with accuracy who I believe did it..but I won’t here…Anyone that knows the personality traits of neglected and or abused children knows…all of those children are going to have a degree of detachment..some more than others..or in some cases…detachment and none of it is a pleasant read..but you should educate yourself..the readers….on this subject.

  3. I just had to listen to the interview again. You know kids,young teens they really are so nieve,so innocent. I can honestly see how Silda maybe made the accusation about Scott….not to hurt him,but to hurt Renee and then Renee would make her leave,which is what she wanted to do…is get away from her. I am sitting on the outside…looking in..but I am not judging Renee…she gave into something she did not want to do and then could not deal with it…that is what happens with step parents as well…it’s not their child and if they are loving..they will accept them as their own,but if they see the childs mother instead of the child….they can’t connect with the child…I had 4 children..and married someone with 3 children….I have to admit going from 4 to 7 was so hard…and their mother made it even harder…These children came here to a completely different world with people who did not speak their language and to be away from their people…their countryside,their family that they still had had to have been very traumatizing….I just feel so bad for all of them…..the social workers should have known better…they just did not do their job taking everything into consideration…..I don’t see how people like that can sleep at night…but to’s just a job…and they care not what harm their actions do to you…it’s not different in any court….they are disconnected to those in front of them.

    • Shirley,
      From I have surmised from the entire debacle is that everyone involved with these children let them down. From the day they set foot into this country, those around them were ill-equipped to deal with the past problems of these children. My guess is that the orphanage that transferred custody to the Deans were not explicit about the children’s past & the damage that had been done to them. It would have been a huge undertaking for totally normal children to have made the transfer to this country let alone children with a troubled past. I also do not agree that Renee Dean was a victim of circumstances. I believe she knew what she was doing from the beginning. She is not innocent in this. Children & dogs know when they are not wanted & in my opinion anyone that mistreated these children did it as a conscious act.
      Then not to have allowed the adoption records of the children entered into the trial information was in my opinion a deliberate act to hide facts in the case. The county/state workers in this case including the sheriff’s department, the prosecutors, the judge were not interested in the facts nor the welfare of the children or their family in my opinion. They all had an agenda to punish & subdue Scott Dean, to make it impossible for him or his family to survive. This they have accomplished ten fold. In my opinion, the entire motive for this case was not to right a wrong but to punish Dean. In my opinion, this was indeed a conspiracy from the beginning & all those involved know this to be true. A complete screw-up with some involved, a calculated move by some others. I have no confidence that anything will be made right in this, just certainty that Dean’s life has been taken from him by Columbia County officials & all of those connected to his case. It was a deliberate act of hatred for him by all involved.