Scott Dean Part II

I am really beginning to wonder why I am the only one in the media following this case. Here is the story airing on News/Talk 580AM/95.1FM. Click here: Scott Dean Story

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16 responses to “Scott Dean Part II

  1. I believe you are the only one that seems to be following this case. It appears the only time the various news pick up on anything is when the news is bad for Mr. Dean. I also get the impression that many people in Columbia County enjoy having the “Golden Boy” of Columbia County politics taken down a notch whether or not he was guilty. Undoubtedly he stepped on many many toes during his fast rise in local politics. A very scary situation if all it takes to get fast tracked to prison is to upset the local politicians. I believe there is a whole lot of information that has been covered up, some perhaps that we’ll never know. A greased palm here & there, a favor for another. The whole mess reeks of payback from those in power.

  2. Scott should be home with his family!

  3. Forgetful_0mniscient

    Galatians 6:7-9

  4. To Forgetful-” Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” ## I find that most of the time when people quote the Bible to issue a statement instead of speaking in normal language it is because they either don’t know how to put words on paper intelligently or due to guilt over past behavior by themselves. I find it especially distasteful & rather amusing when those same people see themselves as teachers of the bible to the rest of us. I find your sentiment arrogant & childish. What was it about “glass houses”? I’m absolutely positive that you know what I mean since you’re such a disciple of purity, life without sin, moral superiority, etc., etc.

  5. Shirley Barnes

    Many might be asking themselves why not Janet Weinberger as the guardian..well there is protocol in this state,in this county…one is when an allegation of sexual abuse,physical or mental abuse is reported….it is to be handed over to the Dept of DFACS…the police are not to be the ones to investigate. They take the statement if needed and send it right over to DFACS….unless it is a rape(where the person will be arrested)….but DFACS will still be the main one if it is a person under 17..17 you are an adult. DFACS does their immediate investigation and then turns it over to Juvenile COurt where there is a hearing within 72 hours….if there had been a rape or a threat of it happening again..the children would have been removed to protective custody immediately. The Juvenile Judge if needed will place the children with a family member preferably or in foster care if needed..they stay there while a plan is implemented and parents are instructed what to do and when to do it…and reunification is the goal…if a pattern of abuse was established and harm has been done…then possibly criminial charges can be brought,but it will still stay in the Juvenile Court..but the parent will go before the Superior Court….the children remain under the direction of Juvenile Court…by a CASA or court appointed Guardian Ad Litem……..the fact that the young girl and the others went back to live with Renee and she recanted her story….who does Janet Weinberger think she is? She should have never been put on the case..she is a paid family court guardian ad litem and from personal accounts made to me….she manipulated this case from the beginning…it’s no different in family court….the guardians are biased and have made up their mind from the beginning…the dye is cast…but no guardian does anything without full approval of the judge or should I say full direction of the judge.

    • Shirley, I think I understand most of what you’re saying but I’ll admit to being confused. Are you saying that protocol was not followed during the Dean case & that exceptions were made that were not advantageous to Mr. Dean? Purposely done? I thought all persons involved were appointed by the court not privately paid people. Was Weinberger paid by the court or DEFACS? If so that is a breach-conflict of interest. That would be akin to the state paying witnesses in a murder case-no defense attorney would have a chance against paid witnesses. Please explain further.

      • Shirley Barnes

        Janet Weinberger is a paid guardian ad litem..she is not a volunteer CASA or essentially the same thing,but not paid…..CASA’s have accountability,but guardians have no accountability…and yes someone would have had to pay for her..and in this case it would have had to be the court..because she was not there like in a divorce or custody case…of which is her job…she also calls herself a mediator…but I would never use her as a mediator….you could be a CASA and a paid guardian for Superior Court(but Janet is not going to be a guardian without getting paid..but she then would have been appointed by the Juvenile Court Judge..of which in this case there never was one…she was to be a fact gatherer…that is in both positions as CASA and guardian ad litem….but that is not what she did…she went in and started giving orders and reporting back to the court things that she had no right to divulge because as a witness….or an expert…she can only be put on the stand and testify…and in order to do that she must give to both the defense and the prosecution her investigation report at least 3 days before trial or a hearing so that all parties have the time to gather witnesses of their own to refute and or question her findings or object to them being submitted to the court…she is famous for standing up and saying whatever she feels like whether it is true or not and if the person is pro se…what she says gets heard and the judge takes her word as gospel and acts on it..that is to me a gross dereliction of duty to one tell the truth and to protect the children she was to be a guardian ad litem for..of which she should never have been appointed by a superior court judge in this case….only the juvenile court could appoint the CASA and if someone says I am lying…I defy you to find the law that says I am wrong.

  6. Shirley, All I can say is just Wow! I have no further words. I had previously thought Judge Flanagan was the juvenile judge (I read that in the paper). Would/could he have appointed her? There are so many facts absent in this case. IMO, there should not be ANY paid persons involved except for the attorneys on both sides. In this case a paid consultant for the prosecution would have definitely been a no no. Why wasn’t this brought out? I wonder what would have been Weinberger’s motive in seeing Dean put away. Is she politically involved or friends with the judge (Blanchard)?

  7. Shirley, As I have said before numerous times in print & in person, the grand jury was flawed. Did you know that Gerald Hargrove (which is actually a friend/business acquaintance of mine) was on the grand jury. He also happens to be Sheriff Whittle’s brother-in-law. Additionally Gina Annis, judge Michael Annis’s wife (another acquaintance of mine) was also on the grand jury which indicted Scott Dean. I believe but don’t know for sure-a relative of one of Mr. Dean’s political opponents was also on the grand jury. For me, this is just too many coincidences to be comfortable. I would hate to face a grand jury when any friend or relative of the sheriff was on it. It may be prudent to check all of those involved for close relationships, both in law enforcement & the judicial system. I guess justice is not so blind in Columbia County.

  8. Shirley Barnes

    Oh Mary….when the judge in this case made all his calculated moves….he did not realize that Augusta was already for years fed up with this corruption. They all are friends will openly admit it..guardians,judges,lawyers,custody evaluators,pscyhologists, name it…we have formed a group to seek justice in this town and make those who should be accountable which are all of them….accountable here in this district,not just at the state level. Many have been digging and have an open line for those who know and have been affected or just want to be apart of the changes that are coming….when you have even one person asking why something is the way it is….you will then have many others doing the same thing if it is wrong…The judge may come out and say I didn’t do anything wrong….YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME…it’s as if the judge either really was not listening or something seriously is wrong with their capacity to make sound and legal decisions..and that goes for it seems all of the other ones too..too many people’s lives have been wrecked by financial loss and by the loss of what is rightfully theirs…to be apart of the lives of their children…parents are not visitors in their childrens lives…they have a right to be there for them all the way……and as for Judge Flanagin..don’t even get me started…..yes it should have been in his court,yes he should have appointed a CASA…a volunteer guardian who would be unbiased and would have only followed things up to see if everyone followed the judges orders…which are nothing like family court…and far more fairer to the parents and the children..the goal in juvenile court is reunification…in family court a parent can end up losing everything,including the right to make any decisions in his or hers childs life…and relegated to visits…which is in itself CHILD ABUSE..and this town is famous for doing that….let none of us forget what juvenile court did with Miss B who essentially was just like Janet Weinberger…who has threatened to put children in foster care if the parent did not agree to the parenting plan of the other parent….I know….I was there.

    • You are telling me things that I have suspected for years but I always assumed that I was a little overboard in my suspicions. As a professional I have known many of these people through my work however I assumed as professionals they also adhered to professional ethics & did not break the laws of objectivity & distance themselves when necessary. I know that in my field (real estate) certain people & companies will stretch those ethical boundaries to fit their own agendas but I always thought & hoped that those individuals in law especially within the judicial community adhered to their standards beyond those of other professional fields. To find out there appears to be no boundaries in regard to ethics is horrific. I am not naive by any means. I know corruption exists but to the level it appears to exist within Columbia County is extraordinary. I feel despair for the people affected but also feel tremendous anger for those that have inflicted this injustice on these individuals. When our laws, ethics & morals are set aside for personal gain we become no better than animals or like third world countries that are run by a grease your palm sort of justice, in other word no justice at all.
      Within our system of justice there also should be stringent controls in any area which has to do with children. We are there to protect them yet not to cross the line of parental rights. Parents while not always perfect have rights too & destroying the family unit does not help the children. As in the Dean case, accusations without evidence destroyed that family unit, caused tremendous financial hardships on extended family & friends not to mention the immediate family. A trumped up charge to protect one child completely destroyed the lives of 6 other children & several adults as well as Mr. Dean. Even if proven not guilty at this point, Dean’s life is destroyed, his career, his ability to provide for himself & his family is gone. I’m sure he will never recover from the horrors of prison life & this will affect his children & family for years if not forever. To know that the goal within our system was NOT to protect a child but the goal was to destroy a man who undoubtedly stepped on some political foes agenda is horrific & inexcusable. Several of his friends abandoned him & the family & chose to support those who put him into this horrible circumstance. I have nothing but disgust for those people & they know who they are. All I can say at this point is that God perhaps will have mercy for those people, I will not.

      • Shirley Barnes

        The sad truth that all good people have to deal with is…this is happening all over this country..greed is the mindset and power….the two together is the nightmare for anyone who gets caught up in the matter what it is..criminal,civil,juvenile….it matters not to them the harm they cause. If you were to sit down with me and let me show you what has happened in my own life…you would get physically sick. They believe all they have to do is say I did nothing wrong and those who are like them will surround them with protection..there is no accountability…and they know it.
        When we look around us and we see the steady decline of our country..the one we were born in the one we pledged allegiance to and now as adults we see the corruption all around us…the willingness to kill people and animals the willingness to throw you and our children into war and into prison,to turn their backs on making things better for us all for the opportunities of filling their own pockets and throwing their power sickens scares me..because although there are far more of us than them….power can do many things including having those within our own ranks turn against us…and we are on the side of GOOD…..That is what happened with Scott Dean….he believed in the attorney he hired to defend him….he could have,he should have…he didn’t…he sold out.

  9. Shirley, The only consolation that I have at this point is that I know for a fact that this case is being followed all over the state of Georgia. Columbia County & their law enforcement community may have had free rein up till now but I believe in my heart that their days are numbered.

  10. The most significant thing that came out of the hearing today for Scott Dean today.
    Besides Silda Dean recanting her previous testimony & admitting to lying about her adoptive father was that she told DFACS in July 2012 that she had lied. July 2012! The DFACS worker Brenda Neal that testified this afternoon said she told her supervisor who then reported it to the DFACS attorney. Then the home office of DFACS of Georgia in Atlanta was informed that the victim had recanted. Now keep in mind this was July of 2012. After this the information became lost, buried. REALLY? Then fast forward seven months to February of 2013. Silda Dean wrote several letters recanting her testimony & charges. Two of these letters were received by 1.( Renee Dean-wife of Scott Dean) & 2. Pete Theodocion (Scott Dean’s attorney) It did not come out in the testimony where else these letters were sent. I can imagine where they were sent but without facts I cannot say. Silda Dean instructed Mrs. Pough (her foster mother) to mail these letters & Mrs. Pough addressed & mailed the letters. After receiving the letter Mr. Theodocion starting filing the necessary paperwork to secure the hearing that was this afternoon. When filing for this hearing I would suspect that the Ashley Wright’s office was informed however the attorney who represents that office informed the court today that she had just received the notice about the hearing this morning so she was somewhat at a disadvantage. REALLY? The office that worked so hard to put Scott Dean into prison was unaware of today’s scheduled hearing? The paperwork for this hearing was filed in Augusta of 2013 so it is very strange to me that Ashley Wright’s office claimed ignorance of this. More inconvenient misinformation? From the improper investigation of this in the beginning, the makeup of the grand jury that indicted Scott Dean to today’s hearing it has been a county & state accumulation of errors & oversights. But Scott Dean still went to prison. I find this totally disgusting & very questionable on the parts of all officials involved from the county sheriff to the DFACS office, to the office of the District Attorney. Does anyone think we are to accept what they have done to this man & his family. I’d say at this point a full investigation into the whole case needs to be done. First & foremost Scott Dean needs to be out of prison & at least home on bail. The constant danger to this man in prison should not be overlooked & it would be too convenient for an accident to happen after learning of the DFACS huge misconduct.

  11. Shirley Barnes

    I was there too…sitting in the back…heard every word….and disgust is a mild word for what I felt….I found it pathetic that this judge did not remember appointing Janet Weinberger and because he did…he also had to dismiss her from the case….but the thing is this..he had no right to appoint her to begin with…and where is her reports YA’LL… body got one….that is not strange…she likes to call the shots..and she does….but hopefully her gun slinging days are almost over.
    FREE SCOTT DEAN..because it’s the right thing to do…and to refuse to release an innocent man is more abusive than what you accused him of…you destroy a mans life,remove him from his family and take his freedom away from him……and you do things all along the way that makes US….sick to our stomachs..WHY…because it is being done all over this town everyday…and the next person to go down…just might be you….no one is safe… one.

  12. Sybil Christine Spicer

    My eyes have surely been opened by some names mentioned here. O my goodness Here we go with the Good ole Boy system!