Is Scott Dean Innocent?

This is the report running on WGAC today Click Here: MZ000044

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9 responses to “Is Scott Dean Innocent?

  1. I know that Janet Weinberger is the guardian ad litem of the children and that tells me one thing only….she’s there to make sure Scott Dean goes and stays in jail….the woman for the life of her can not tell the’s all about the money to her and POWER.

  2. Yes I feel Scoot is innocent, I feel he was railroaded by the County. He knew to much and they wanted him out and this is the only way they could do it. Anyone that knows Scoot knows he would never harm a child in any way. He needs to get home and get his life back.

  3. I believe that his conviction should be overturned

  4. Just from what I have read about the trial that led to his conviction, I am sickened and saddened by our “justice” system. I am not a lawyer and have no background in law. But, I will say I did not see the relevance in bringing the “story” of his past that was allowed in court dealing with “witnesses” of a time from many, far too many years ago, considering there was no legal record of a complaint ever being filed much less any charges brought at the time (this was my understanding based on what I read). That, along with other things about the trial, led me to believe that he was railroaded from the beginning with a one way ticket to jail. Everything that I read about the trial, like several others in Columbia County, STUNK FROM DAY ONE! EVERYONE should be scared based on this and several other COLUMBIA COUNTY cases…..GO TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200.00 …. based on accusations without EVIDENCE of proof. Sounds like the “Good Ole Boy System” is still very much alive and thriving! FREE SCOTT DEAN ~ (FYI: I do not personally know Scott or his wife or their children) Donna Shaw Caldwell

  5. I want to know why is there a media blackout on the upcoming hearing this Friday 10/04/2013 @2:30 of Scott Dean. This is the hearing to listen to the new “extraordinary evidence” which is that the victim recanting all accusations against Mr. Dean. Why isn’t this hot news? Is it being purposely buried?

  6. Shirley Barnes

    the court room should be open to the general public….camera’s are not allowed or recorders…but all ears should be allowed…if not that I believe is a civil rights violation of Scott Dean to have a public hearing..and I am sure he wants one.

  7. Shirley, I agree wholeheartedly! There’s been too many important things done out of the public’s eye by our “justice system”.

  8. Christine Spicer

    Everyone of you are right he was railroaded and why have we not heard of this. Only to hear from his poor wife whom has to live without the love of her life and raise those children on her own. Listen people we are living in a different day and time. Where children can say anything and get an innocent man put in jail if they don’t do what they want. Parents it can happen to you. Any of you. Beware to those who put this innocent man in Jail. God will not hold you Guiltless! You will pay for your sins all of you!

  9. Shirley Barnes

    What the government officials count on is the ignorance of the general public..while they laugh their butts off at how easy it is to see us dance around like puppets on a string..those of us who have been intangled in this court system know this is true and for those who have not…please have an open mind and believe the truth is coming….OUT.