Fathers Day Is Here Again…

I am one of those people who believe that no matter your religion, if your heart is right that you can communicate with God. I learned that from my father when, as a child, I asked him how people who lived in countries that never heard of Jesus Christ could accept him as their savior? His reply was that if people simply lifted their minds up and humbled themselves, they would find the Lord and that He would embrace them. I believe my father, Thomas Hudson, was a wise man and a servant of his Lord.

This year marks the 30th Fathers Day that I have spent without him, but I don’t miss him so much; one reason is that I know I will see him again and the other is that he prayed for another man to come and take his place. Back in 1984, my father knew he was dying of cancer at an early age, far too early for most people to be able to comprehend; he died at 35. However, rather than be morose and renounce his faith, he took to prayer and he prayed Jim McDow into our lives.

dad and em 3Jim came around when I was 14 years old. He stepped in at a time that must have seemed to him like being on an airplane facing turbulence from all sides. After he married my Mom, he really saw what he was getting into, not just with me, but with my two siblings as well. He never tried overtly to take Tommy’s place in our lives, but he showed how much he cared for all of us on a day to day basis. We all grew to call him Dad. He is our Dad.

Over the years, anytime I have run across an ethical dilemma, I can call on my Dad and get an honest assessment from him. Anytime I need advice, he is there. Dad has been there for me for almost 30 years and I know that the man who fathered me prayed him into my life.

So, Father’s day in 2014 is a celebration day for my family. We celebrate the Dad we have on Earth, the Father we have as an angel in Heaven and the Supreme Father we have as our Lord and Savior. Yeah, I miss Tommy, but I have Jim and in Jim I see a lot of Tommy.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you.

Tommy Scott

Mt. Vernon or Bust…

Mount Vernon Or Bust!

The United States federal government has been “kicking the can down the road” for years when it comes to the nation’s finances. Our national leaders have been using the nation’s credit card to continue to feed Jabba The Hut pizza and pastries. When the credit card hits the limit, they simply “raise the debt ceiling” and obtain a cash advance by simply printing more money.

The truly scary part is that no one seems to be able to rein in what has become an out of control monster. Fiscal conservatives run for office only to get to Washington and find themselves powerless. States are powerless too as they have no one representing their interests in the nation’s capital.

The so-called “economists” that parade as experts on television keep repeating the same tired phrase: “We are the worlds richest nation and the economy will be just fine as long as people keep spending money.” Well, people are not spending money, and thanks to the Obamacare disaster, they have even less to spend than they had last year.

As a result, many businesses are changing their structures to hire only part time help so they can avoid the Obamacare mess and more and more Americans are stocking up on food and other supplies to be prepared in what they see as a coming disaster. These people are not conspiratorial nuts, they are educated people who understand the common sense notion that no person, business or government can continue to spend more money than they take in forever. At some point, the credit runs out.

Can our entire economic system collapse? The answer is yes, it can and if not reformed, it will. Rather than tell the American people the truth, the national media focuses on the latest tragic event and numbs viewers with the latest outrage involving Mylie Cyrus. The reason is that the media and their economic “experts” want to avoid a panic. They know that if people withdrew their savings from the bank and instead invested their money in gold and supplies, the system will crash immediately.

The core of the problem is that the federal government has long engaged in activities that are in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. The result is that small businesses are being choked out of existence while huge corporations that can afford to pay massive amounts of money to candidates running for reelection are able to almost completely avoid paying up to Uncle Sam.

The federal government no longer even recognizes that the 10th Amendment exists. Indeed, the Affordable Care Act is proof that Congress allows lobbyists to write the bills and they vote them into law without even reading what is being proposed. Congress consistently passes bills requiring the states to follow certain policies, but provide no funding and that buck gets passed on largely to the small businessperson and middle class taxpayer. Why are you paying for free lunch to every kid in Richmond County? You are paying for the pizza and gluten-free burgers because the federal government says you have to. And, pray tell, where in the Constitution is the enumerated right for every American to have a cell phone? Look on your next cell phone bill and you will discover that you are not only paying for your service but other peoples service as well.

The federal government was designed to pave roads, deliver mail, coin money, provide a national defense and regulate interstate commerce; it was not designed to hand out free housing, free food, free cell phones, farm subsidies to urban areas and free health care. Even though medicine in their time was primitive compared to today, if the framers thought a blood letting was a right, they would have said as much. They never did.

The framers of the Constitution gave We The People a way to hem in the federal government should it become tyrannical. The People can demand an Article V convention. The process is difficult and requires more than just a majority consensus, but the process is codified into the Constitution.

Now, people on the fringe have been calling for such a convention for years. The media has ignored them and labeled them the “tin-foil hat” people. However, a movement by state legislators across the nation has begun to seriously take root. The reason this movement is gaining steam is because it is a bipartisan movement. Liberals and conservatives are both coming around to understanding that if something is not done soon, the nation’s economy will reach the tipping point and collapse.

The group, which calls itself the Convention Of States, is leading the charge at the grass roots level and recently a conference at Mt. Vernon was held and representatives of 32 states attended. This was an important moment in the nation’s history as 34 states are needed to call for such a convention. They have agreed to meet again in the spring of 2014 and by that time they may have the required amount of delegates to move forward.

When not ignoring the movement altogether, the critics in the media have labeled the movement as a bunch of kooks wanting to create a runaway convention that will rewrite the Constitution. However, this is not true and a convention could not legally happen in such a way. Sure, it is likely that the conservative christian bloc will want to propose a right to life amendment for the unborn and the far lefties would love an amendment that ends income disparity within corporations, but neither of those issues is what this convention is about. Also, it must be noted that the amendments that do come out of the convention require the ratification of 38 states, which is a tall order.

The goals of the convention are to simply offer amendments that rein in the federal government and take it back to the original intentions of the Framers who designed the national government as one that did very specific tasks while allowing the individual states to be the incubators of public policy. It should be common sense that the national government be forced to balance its budget each year and that Congress be subject to term limits.

You can find out more about this growing movement by visiting http://www.conventionofstates.com.


My Next Book Project

I am leaking out the prologue to my next book, which remains untitled at this point. It is a fictional novel about a “blended” family’s attempt at survival in a world wide crisis. It does, however, tie in to the themes explored in my book “The Contract On The Government.” You can help me crowd fund this project by simply ordering a copy of “The Contract On The Government.” In doing so, you get a book that has been acknowledged by Gov. Sarah Palin and it will help me in presenting this new work to publishers by proving people read my work. I have added the link to my web page at the bottom. If you are a christian and a patriot, these are two books I think you will want on your shelf. Also, you can help by “sharing” this with your facebook friends.
Thanks and God Bless,


Uncle Ralph died two days ago. It was my decision not to bury him until this afternoon. That decision had nothing to do with me not being able to let go of the man who was all but my natural father. Rather, I couldn’t conceive of putting him in the ground before we could totally be sure he was dead. While, in my heart I knew he was gone, I wasn’t going to inter someone who might simply be suffering from a deep coma and could wake up with 6 feet of dirt between him and air. Actually, that burial tradition started before, but it was especially important for Ralph.

We kept Ralph’s body in his cabin which was built by his late father, his body resting on a piece of plywood and wrapped in his favorite comforter until this morning when Mustapha and I built him a coffin; Jon dug Ralph’s grave out near the Pass. We knew this morning the score, rigor mortis had set in on his body and it was clear our Ralph had gone on to meet his maker. We cut the boards just like Ralph had shown us to do last year and used nails that he himself had forged using scrap metal from one of the cars that no longer worked. Ralph went into the ground nearby the gold cross he once dared anyone to try and steal.

The ceremony was simple. There were no tears. I think over the past year and a half that all us in the Alleluia Community have cried so much that there simply isn’t enough moisture in our ducts to cause tears any longer. But, maybe that’s not it. In my heart, I miss Ralph deeply, and if it weren’t for him, we would all be dead right now. As we lowered him into the ground, my thought was that he finally had a chance to thank his God for giving him the wisdom to save his family and many others from the excesses that mankind created. Instead of tears, that thought brought a smile to my face. It was the same smile that was on the face of Ralph when I found him in his bed dead.

Now, things are up to me and I am no Ralph Chennalt.

Ralph was always a different sort. For years, I thought of him as a bit the kooky retired uncle. However, he was the kooky uncle who would sit at the edge of the dock and mutter “here fishy, fishy” and suddenly had a tug on the line before the rest of us could roll our eyes at his whispers. He was deeply devout and as I write this, I can say that before the great calamity struck, I did not believe in Ralph’s God. I guess that now I am at a point where I not only believe in the God Ralph spoke of constantly, but now I desperately need to get my own line of communication to Him. Now, it is up to me to lead this community and I don’t think that I can do it without some divine guidance.

I know that he wanted to be buried with his Bible, but I couldn’t do it. How could that Bible be with Ralph if his spirit was in heaven? No, I took the Bible out of his cabin and placed in my own. That book is just the sort of tangible evidence future generations need to see. The future generations can read the hand inscribed notes in the margins and know that this man really existed.

It is a bit ironic to me that we received the first radio communication in all this time on the evening after Ralph’s death. The AM frequency we picked up was garbled. It seemed to be coming from Nashville, but I’m not totally sure. The message that came over the receiver both cemented our worst fears and gave us hope at the same time. There are other communities out there and some have figured out a way to restore electricity enough to power a radio station. The other side is that what we just went through was not just a small power loss that caused a regional chain reaction, but a global storm that brought down the entire world as we had known it.

Comparatively speaking, we were a large community of survivors and we faced no predators. The Nashville station was warning about contact with bears. We hadn’t seen a bear in months, but apparently what was left of the cities had a problem with predatory wildlife.

After laying Ralph to rest, me and the boys held a chat. We decided since we now know that we aren’t completely alone that maybe it is time to start attempting to rebuild some semblance of a society. Our numbers have grown and there are children here who have gone without schooling for well over a year. We committed to building a school house and Martha, Jon’s wife, is going to be the teacher. We have a lot of books here already, but I am going to strike out in the wagon tomorrow morning and head out to the old Lincoln County library to try and find books on history, math and science. I doubt the library was eyed by any of the looters, I just hope the roof has held up and the books are still readable. Our goal is to bring the farming communities that are out there around us closer together. We know of a bunch of people now.

It was after the meeting that I got it in my mind that I should start documenting what we have gone through over the past six seasons. So much has happened, yet we have been so focused on survival that none of us has thought much about the future. Now, we need to think about the future and of our babies. The kids need to know that life only becomes futile if you make it that way. They need to understand that as a collective people, we brought the great calamity onto ourselves. Sure, it was the Sun that caused the collapse, but we as a group, a global group, set down foundations made in sand and it only took 48 hours to destroy 200 years of progress. It was the Sun that ultimately destroyed everything we had known, but it was also the Sun that saved our little group and others like us. Perhaps, our babies will grow up with a mind not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Just maybe, they will finally break the cycle that has happened over and again in human history. Perhaps, our kids will learn to balance greed and lust and treat both like we do the seasons of harvest and lean.

In writing this all down and thinking over the events that really started about five years ago, I feel comforted that Uncle Ralph is looking over my shoulder and helping guide my thoughts to remember things in precise detail. After all, up to a short while ago, I thought of our survival as being the consequence of several very lucky coincidences. Had it not been for my miserly ways, we would not have electricity here today. Were it not for chance encounters, our situation would have been far different. I always thought of chance encounters to be just that; that of not fate but lottery.

After the chaos took place, I mistook our fortune in the situation as being a bit of dumb luck.

Ralph, on the other hand, gave the credit to God. I scorned that notion once, but I do not any longer. Too much has happened to make me think otherwise. There is a God, just a very different one than we have always been lead to believe is there directing the show.

In my mind, writing all of this down may give me some kind of absolution so that the communication lines between God and myself may become as strong as they were between him and Ralph. This I honestly pray.

Adam Chennalt

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My New Years Message…

The top news stories of last year had to do with Miley Cyrus and the finale of some television show about meth. Meanwhile, the disaster of our nation’s finances got relatively little attention.

Instead of explaining the true state of our collective debt, the media spent most of the year either praising or condemning the President and babbling away about some hill-billy on a reality show. So, on this first day of 2014, let me attempt to explain why you need to turn off Dancing With The Stars and pay attention to something you likely find boring.

The World War II generation gave America a baby boom in the 1950’s. This huge population went on to become the largest work force this country has ever known. Federal programs such as Social Security worked just fine when far more people were working than retiring. Also, people of the World War II generation did not live as long as people do now; 60 was considered old age in the 1960’s.

Today, the Baby Boomers are reaching the age of retirement which means that they will be leaving the tax rolls and collecting Social Security. But there is a problem, the Boomers did not produce another boom generation. As a consequence, more people are leaving the tax rolls and fewer are joining and this has created a dangerous imbalance.

There were other things that occurred in the 1960’s that are coming back to haunt us today. The federal government decided to wage a war on poverty and the centerpiece of this “war” was public welfare. What was intended to be a temporary hand to help the poor turned into institutionalized poverty. Right now, only about 53 percent of the population pay income tax. When that figure falls to 49 percent, this little experiment in democracy we call the United States is over. Financial collapse brought down the Soviet Union, so don’t lie to yourself and think it cannot happen here.

It was also during the 1960’s that America began to see itself as both the world’s benefactor and police force. Billions upon billions of dollars have been given away to other countries in an effort to “build democracy.” Rather than fulfill that intention, the money has simply gone into the hands of warlords and dictators making the world more and more unstable. The United States has also launched undeclared wars all over the globe and not one of them has made the world more stable, in fact, these military adventures have led to more tyranny and unrest.

So, here is where we are in todays America: the federal government spends more money than it receives in tax revenue. To counter this problem, the government began borrowing money from other countries. As the tax revenue continued to dwindle, the government then began borrowing more money to pay the interest on the money they had already borrowed. Think of it this way, the government started using the Visa card to pay the minimum payment owed on the Mastercard. All during this time, the prevailing thought was that a future economic boom would right the imbalance, only, that economic windfall never occurred. It is like spending the rent money on lottery tickets thinking that the eventual jackpot will keep the inevitable eviction from occurring.

Once the government began to see that the shell game of borrowing wasn’t working, they simply began printing money out of thin air to service the debt. By doing this “quantitative easing,” by printing money backed by nothing devalued the currency as a whole. This would be fine if taxpayers received a raise in pay every time a new bill was printed, but that hasn’t happened. Thanks to “quantitative easing” the things we need to live cost more but the family income has remained the same. Ten years ago, a 100 dollar bill would pay for two tanks of gas and two weeks worth of groceries. Today that same amount will provide only one tank of gas and food for five days.

Folks, I appeal to your common sense. It does not matter whether you are a conservative or a liberal, you need to wake up and understand that this country is at a financial tipping point. You also need to understand that the culture of Washington DC is not going to change on its own.

To be sure, marriage equality, the rights of the unborn, healthcare for all and income inequality are all important issues; but the national financial situation is the most important issue we face today. We, The People, have got to rein in our national government. The only path forward is an Article V convention and right now there are movements in 32 states to call for such. All that is needed is for 34 states to pass a resolution to legally have that convention.

There are nine things that the people of this country need to demand of the federal government. Of those nine “planks,” some would be considered liberal leaning and some are conservative, but all nine are vital towards reclaiming the national treasury and avoid the financial collapse that is inevitable.

You can find those nine things in my book, “The Contract On The Government.” I implore upon you on this New Years day to read my book and then join the growing movement of patriots who are intent on wrestling the tyranny of Washington DC into submission. This movement includes people of all walks of life and all but the most extremes of political ideologies. We are not conservatives or liberals, we are Americans who cherish the Constitution and the concept of individual liberty.

Join us, please.

Tommy Hudson



We’re All A Bunch Of Retards…

I wasn’t going to weigh in on this, but it is all I have heard about for days and as a news man it is a worse pain than Chinese water torture to hear nothing but talk about nothing repeatedly. Therefore, my take: this Duck Dynasty man is allowed to interpret the Holy Bible in any way he wants. He is allowed to speak his views, no matter how insensitive, as long as they are not obscene and do not incite a riot. As a gay man, I am not offended in the slightest at his interpretation of the Holy Bible.

However, speaking from the viewpoint of an historian, I will call anyone who says that black people were happy and well treated under legal segregation a retard, that is someone who is willfully ignorant to fact. The part of the GQ interview that offended me was when he attempted to negate nearly 100 years of documented history (that is counting only segregation, not slavery) and make the era seem like a Disneyland experience with the fair…or…uh…help me out here…fair toothed maiden singing a glowing tune while gathering life’s bounty from the Earth.

Yep, that’s how it happened. And I have breaking news for you: Rosa Parks was only on the bus that day because she had fired her chauffeur earlier that morning and had an urgent meeting with her stock broker. She took the bus at the last minute because she had a dinner party planned and didn’t want to force the cook to drive her and ruin the hors d’oeuves.

This man, Mr. Robertson says it all himself, “we’re all white trash.” Last time I looked, it matters less the color of the bag than the contents inside.

So should he have been fired? That’s the burning question. And the answer is…


He wasn’t fired, you bunch of retards.

Robertson was “suspended””indefinitely,” not fired. And thanks to the media backlash, merchandise profits associated with the products they make are soaring, social media is turning people on to a channel that they routinely surf past, politicians have either a villain or a hero for them to use to raise money and the production company responsible for the show gets a windfall. Would it help if I pointed out that the creator of the show Duck Dynasty starred in a film about the gay porn industry? Look it up, the film is called “The Fluffer.”

These people created a controversy because controversy sells. And like a bunch of retards, we as a society lapped it up.


Article V or Fight!

In 1933, the federal government promised the citizenry jobs for all, a living wage and a guaranteed month of paid vacation each year. The people liked that. The federal government built massive highways and promised that within 5 years every household would have a car to drive. The people liked that. Since healthcare was needed for a strong workforce, the federal government enacted a universal government sponsored healthcare system and the people applauded.

Due to what the government called ‘terrorist activity’ laws were passed requiring people to register their firearms and the government was given the power to wiretap and investigate any individual they suspected of subversive activity. The people were told it was their patriotic duty to inform the government on citizens they suspected were against the government and its new policies. A national police force was established to enforce the new laws. Since it was all being done for national security, the people were fine with it.

“Re-education” camps were built and in the mind of the average citizen, this was okay, after all, if one wasn’t planning on committing a crime then they should have nothing to fear.

Yes, of course, I am referring to NAZI Germany. But could those things happen here? They already have.

In 1918, Congress passed the Sedition Act that banned citizens from criticizing the federal government. In 1942, the government set up “internment” camps for Americans of Japanese descent. Now, today, to legally own a gun it must be registered. The federal government has the power to read your emails, tap your phone and even turn on your web cam without your knowledge and spy on you. The Patriot Act calls on citizens to inform the government on any behavior that might be deemed seditious. The federal government has the power to compel citizens to purchase health insurance. They have the power to compel citizens to send their children to government schools. The lines between the federal police (FBI), the NSA and the local police are beginning to blur. Small municipalities near large cities are being given hi-tech military gear. The city of North Augusta, SC was given a $700,000 armored Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle.

Ask yourself, why do the police in North Augusta need a tank?

If the people of Germany would have simply read Hitler’s “Mien Kamph,” they would have known what was coming and could have taken action. How can we in America prevent this from happening on our shores? Simple, the states must band together and rein in the federal government. There is a movement afoot to call for an Article V Convention. You can find out more here: http://www.conventionofstates.com/

I have written a book titled “The Contract On The Government” that explains the 9 reforms that need to occur now. I strongly suggest you read my book and join the grass-roots patriot movement that seeks to return the enforcement of the US Constitution and halt the tyranny that is our modern federal government.

You can order your copy of The Contract On The Government here: http://www.thecontract.us/

Den Of Impropriety…

That is the term my friend Butch used to describe “Club Skittles” which was shut down for good this afternoon by the Augusta Commission. In case you have not heard of this club before, then before you read on, listen here: Club Skittles

Shame should be on the Commissioners that stood up for the owners of this club. And the gay folks out there that complained that this club was targeted because it catered to gays? Think again; every club, restaurant, lounge, grocery and liquor store and any other establishment that sells alcohol is targeted for compliance of the law. Everyone has to follow the law, right? Isn’t that the core principle of gay marriage being accepted in all 50 states? The law is what it is, no matter the particular case and no matter if it is the application of the US Constitution or a state law against lewd acts upon children or a simple local ordinance that says you will operate in the manner you applied to operate and nothing more. The decision to shut Club Skittles down was legally solid and totally warranted. If Mr. Batson, the club’s attorney wants a debate then he has plenty of avenues to bring on the debate.

My gay friends need to understand that full equality for gay people will never be realized when a subculture of hedonism is what the general public sees when any media story emerges about the gay “lifestyle.” Routinely, images of gay pride parades with racy participants dominate the news along with stories of “clubs” such as Skittles where nothing is off limits including the possibility that a minor was allowed in the club and went on stage with a nude stripper. It was just days after the club opened it’s doors after getting off of legal suspension of their license that another minor was found inside the building not having the work permit required. If that scenario happened in a so-called “straight” club, the arrests and prosecution of individuals would have, and should have, been swift and harsh.

The gay segment of this community should be applauding the commissioners that voted to revoke the alcohol license of a business that apparently operated as a den of impropriety. If I were a gay person, then I would..uh….do what I just said I would do.

Put Our Historic Marker BACK Where It Belongs!!

Recently, a do-gooder transplant to our city from Washington D.C. by the name of Marin Rose Correa was strolling along Broad Street when she encountered a plaque commemorating writer William Makepeace Thackery’s visit to our fair city in 1856. She says she was horrified at the quote from Thackery that was included in on the marker.

The offending quote read: “Nice quaint old town Augusta, rambling great street 2 miles long, doctors and shopkeepers the society of the place, the latter far more independent and gentlemanlike than our folks, much pleasanter to be with than the daring go ahead northern people. Slavery no where repulsive, the black faces invariably happy and plump, the white ones eager and hard. I brought away 60 Guineas for 2 hours talking, a snug little purse from snug little Augusta.”

Correa decided to take action and wrote a letter demanding the marker be removed and it was. She must have felt a good sense of accomplishment at having such offensive language removed from public view, after all, school aged kids could have read that and make the mistaken conclusion that slavery was a great thing! William Makepeace Thackery said so!

Only, he didn’t.

What Correa doesn’t know and obviously did not take the time to research for herself was that Thackery’s quote was absolutely correct and should be a source of pride for all Augustans. The black faces Thackery encountered were ‘happy and plump’ BECAUSE THEY WERE FREE PEOPLE! Yes, you read that right.

In 1856, you would only rarely encounter a slave in downtown Augusta. The village of Springfield right in the heart of the city was home to one of the largest free black communities in the Antebellum South. The people of Springfield were skilled artisans and most were literate. We know that because archeological digs have turned up scores of used ink wells from their trash pits. These were the same people responsible for designing and building the Augusta Canal.

Yes, naturally, slavery was practiced here, but it was confined to the rural plantations outside of Augusta. That story of the Haunted Pillar you have always heard is nonsense. No, a black minister in protest of slavery did not curse that pillar. The old Augusta market of which that pillar was once a part was not a place where slaves were bought and sold. Rather, those transactions occurred near the 5th Street Depot out of the view of polite society.

The quote from Thackery is one we should all cherish and be proud of because our city was one of the very few places in the old south where people of African heritage integrated into a free society and were considered valued members of the community. Do-gooders like Correa think they are doing the right thing by having a knee-jerk reaction to something they find offensive and attempt to erase history by having the offensive language removed from public view when they are actually allowing their ignorance to unfairly blight our city’s wonderful rich history.

The black people of Augusta in 1856 would want our generations to know that their faces were ‘happy and plump’ and they were because they were hard working and free thinking people.

I urge you to write a quick note to the Department of Natural Resources and ask that the marker commemorating Thackery’s visit be restored to its location on Broad Street. And to Ms. Correa, I would like to say welcome to Augusta! I hope you find our community to be a comfortable and inviting place. But please, don’t try to do us any more favors.

Interview With Silda Dean

Here is the full uncut interview of Silda Dean conducted by Mary Liz Nolan. It is in three parts:
Silda Dean One

Silda Dean Two

Silda Dean Three

Open Letter To Scott Dean

ltr to dean

Going All George Carlin On The Radio…

I used to love to watch Carlin play with semantics. Whenever I can weave his schtick into a news report, I do. This report is on the latest hand wringing over whether or not to declare downtown Augusta a slum. Click here to enjoy my homage to Carlin:


Occasionally I Get

a little creative with a story. Mary Liz asked me to look into a motel on Washington Road that is being condemned…I couldn’t help but to think about the old roach motel commercials from the 1980’s and sure enough, I found the audio…Enjoy! Click here: Roach Motel

Scott Dean Part II

I am really beginning to wonder why I am the only one in the media following this case. Here is the story airing on News/Talk 580AM/95.1FM. Click here: Scott Dean Story

A Couple Of Questions

The Baby Boom generation is beginning the retirement phase of their lifespans and are leaving the tax rolls and drawing on Social Security. There are nearly 1/2 of Americans that already pay no taxes at all. There are millions of Americans living on the public dime through welfare and millions more who are “Undocumented Workers” that pay no taxes but receive benefits. America’s armed forces are stationed all over the world to the tune of billions of dollars and billions more are spent on foreign aid.

I do not think that I can make this any more simple: the very people who have been supporting the government by paying taxes are retiring. Meanwhile, the government that is already 17 trillion dollars in debt is moving towards a single payer healthcare system which means you can add that burden to an already overburdened federal budget. We are already at the tipping point, folks, and when that tipping point arrives ask yourself this:

What is going to happen when the Social Security checks get reduced to the point no one can live off them anymore? What happens when those EBT cards quit working? What happens when the dollar is no longer the world currency?

You hear all these catch phrases like ‘fiscal cliff,’ ‘sequester,’ and ‘government shutdown.’ All those catch phrases mean is that the federal government is attempting to kick the can down the road. The tipping point is here and the politicians all know it.

There is a roadmap to get this country back to its fundamentals, it is called ‘The Contract On The Government’ and it is available through my website. I urge all patriots to read this book, share it with your friends and write a simple email to your representatives demanding they enact the nine planks listed in the book.

It took five years for me to write a book that can be read in less than five hours; but it is the answer to this country’s problems and if followed will ensure our children aren’t living in the squalor that we helped create. Get the book today.


Is Scott Dean Innocent?

This is the report running on WGAC today Click Here: MZ000044

Airing Today Exclusively on WGAC…


Please Read This And Share It

History does not treat France’s King Louis XVI very kindly. He is known only as a fat little man who could not make decisions, had a spendthrift wife and ultimately was the person that drove the country into revolution. He is known more for the manner in which he died than for anything he ever did in life.

The truth, however, is much more complex. Louis was born into a system that had over centuries become corrupt. See if this sounds familiar: a minority of the citizenry paid no taxes at all and lived totally off the government. The majority of the citizenry, the lower and middle classes, paid taxes for the nobility and clergy to live extravagant and tax-free lifestyles. Early into his kingship, Louis realized that France was going broke. He tried through two different finance ministers to change the system to where everyone (except the King, of course) paid taxes, but his efforts were blocked each time.

Ironically, one of the things that caused France’s debt to skyrocket was Louis’s support for the American Revolution. That’s right, the country of France borrowed money to support the “rebels” in America, now does that sound familiar?

As the interest on the debt mounted, Louis’ final finance minister came up with a plan for the country to spend its way out of debt. The theory was if the government stimulated the economy through spending that the economy would grow and the treasury would benefit through there being more middle class people paying more in tax. Does that sound familiar? Louis issued a massive “stimulus” package that ultimately only benefited the minority that wasn’t paying any taxes at all.

Finally, all it took was one drought that destroyed the country’s wheat crop. People went from being overtaxed and poor to overtaxed and starving. The entire government of France imploded under the weight of the debt and went bankrupt. The interest payments of the debt had become higher than the amount of tax revenue coming in. The only way to wipe out the debt was to wipe out the government and start over from scratch. That was why Louis XVI had to lose his head, he was the man who signed off on the borrowing and if he no longer existed, then neither did the debt.

Now, am I suggesting people be beheaded in America? Of course not. However, consider this: what do you think will happen when the interest payments on America’s debt becomes higher than the amount of money the government is receiving from us taxpayers? What will happen when those EBT cards no longer work at the grocery store? What will happen when a $35,000 annual salary can’t support an average family due to the overburden of taxation?

America is at the same tipping point that France was facing in 1793. And like the court of Louis XVI, the government here continues to borrow money and hurl it overseas. As a population, we are distracted by Miley and Honey Boo Boo while the government devalues the currency to be able to continue to give a minority of the citizenry cell phones and free housing. The tax paying population in America grouses about the high costs at the grocery store and fuel pump, but is distracted by the latest headline about how some dictator somewhere is killing his own people.

Let’s be honest. The state of affairs in America is not President Obama’s fault, nor is it Bush’s fault or Clinton or Reagan et. al. All of those men were and are operating in a system they inherited. In my book, The Contract On The Government, I outline 9 very simple things that We the people can demand from the government that will bring us back from the tipping point and avoid what has happened over and over again in history. We can still avoid a total collapse, but we have to begin acting now.

I tell my friends that my little book might be the spark of reform in America or it might be that 100 years from now someone will discover a copy of it in their great grandfathers attic and say to themselves “gee, if only people back then would have listened to this guy, I would be living in the United States and not the Republic of Georgia.”

The Contract On The Government

Reverend Jackson Parks (1931 – 2013)

I was asked to speak at the home-going service for my friend and mentor Jackson Parks. I didn’t carry any notes with me, I just let my heart open up. After the service, many people tearfully hugged me and thanked me for speaking the truth. I had a long and wonderful relationship with Reverend Parks. He changed my life. I want to share with you my remarks in celebration of his life.

“I would like to tell you about my journey with Reverend Parks. When I was 12 years old, my father lost his battle with cancer. My father was a minister himself and after his death I became an angry young man. I was angry with God. I could not understand how God allowed evil men to live but took away a righteous man.

Due to the financial circumstances, my mother had to go out and get a job. She found work as a secretary at a bank. One day this little fellow with a bowler hat came into the bank to do his business and saw my mom sitting at her desk. He walked over and said to her “Child, you seem troubled. Would you like to talk to me about what is going on in your life?”

My mother began telling a total stranger the struggles we all were facing and that began my journey with Reverend Parks. The young lady that spoke before me here was absolutely correct. Reverend Parks loved children and he took a particular interest in me. He knew what time I got out of school and would just out of the blue call me to tell me he was thinking about me and tell me how much he loved me.

When I was 14, I told Reverend Parks that I wanted to get a job and asked if he would help me. He reminded me that the state of Georgia said I had to be 15 to legally work. I asked him if I could get a work permit would he help me? He said yes and I finagled a way to get that permit. Reverend Parks got me a job washing cars at a local used car dealership.

In February of that year there was a severe cold snap in the weather and my mom wouldn’t let me go to work for several days worried that I might catch pneumonia. Of course, I got fired.

Reverend Parks came over to the house and told my mom that I was trying to become a man and got her to agree that if I kept my grades up in school, that she would let me work. He then got me another job, this time washing travel trailers.

In school, history was my favorite subject. I read voraciously. When I began learning of the era of segregation and civil rights in America, I was mortified. I couldn’t believe the pictures and the events I was reading about. I grew up in a household where there was no racism or bigotry, so I had no concept of any of that. What hit me the most was that I came to understand that this was Reverend Parks life. When he was a boy my age, he had to search for a water fountain to drink from that wasn’t labeled “white only.” Sure, he could go to a theatre if he wanted to, as long as it was a black theatre.

I asked Reverend Parks about that, how did he live through it? His response was one of the most profound things I have ever heard, he said: “Son, we were born into that system. We knew it was wrong and we had to change it, but we had to do it the way God wanted us to do it. We understood that Heaven is not now and never was segregated.”

I realized at that point that if anyone had a reason to have anger and hatred in his heart over the way he had been treated, it was Reverend Parks. But he didn’t. A lesser man would have walked into that bank, seen my mother and turned and left thinking “I don’t need to get involved in that white woman’s business.” He did not do that.

Were it not for that chance encounter in that bank, my life would be drastically different. My mother would have never met my wonderful step-father Jim. I would not have the career that I enjoy so much. My little brother Chris would likely not be a Judge today. Oh, he probably would have plenty of experience sitting in a courtroom, but it would be sitting at the defendant’s table.

I do not come here today to say “goodbye” to Reverend Parks, I come here to say “until we meet again.”

God bless you all.”

And God bless Reverend Jackson Parks.

Please, Please, PLEASE!

Pull out a map and please understand that that if our government starts firing shots into Syria we could likely spark the war most of us read about that is prophesied in the book of Revelation and the one that our God has said we could all avoid. Russia, Iran, Israel, The U.K., Egypt and the rest of the Middle East will be involved. I do not need to cite sources, all I need to do is point to the damn map!

We should all mourn the loss of victims of the Syrian civil war and the killings that have taken place in Egypt. However, we did not get involved and have continued to ignore the decade long genocide in Sudan. We, the United States cannot police the world. If we get more involved in these conflicts our already overextended military will be deluged… we will lose.

The time is now for your to write your Congresspeople and Senators by email and demand we not fund an attack against another sovereign nation.


Stay Safe This Weekend!

Boating on the Savannah River this weekend is dangerous and officials are warning the public about the swift currents. Hear the the story by clicking this link: MZ000183